Josh Knapp

Step back!

I shout. My voice is a whip.

Teeth shattering teeth before me.

Do you recall the tension? It whispers.

Do you remember the hiss? It seeths.

I try to leave but the door steps backward.

I try to scream but the sound attacks me. Piercing.

There’s nothing to…

The moon is my only friend.

A forever haunting.

A cool sunburst of love.

I call her the diversion of my soul.

She leaves me kicking and screaming in warmth and nothingness.

Not tomorrow.

It’s the chirping. Cool air. Her smile.

I’m underwater most of the time, but now I’m…

The source of universal power

Image by Peter Lomas from Pixabay

His tentacles twisted the blue diamond before his dinner-plate eye. “Ropkiz, what an ingenious ploy!”

“Wuh?” The bulbous ship-hand blurted.

“Westernize earth to surface the Quaternion! We saved ourselves millennia! Finally, I have power over the ENTIRE UNIV — ”


“Imbecile! What’re you eating?”

“They’re called ring pops!”