Josh Knapp

I love you

I love burritos

I love my dog

I love Amazon

I love my friends

I love coffee

I love cheesecake

I love green things

I love the…

Step back!

I shout. My voice is a whip.

Teeth shattering teeth before me.

Do you recall the tension? It whispers.

Do you remember the hiss? It seeths.

I try…

The moon is my only friend.

A forever haunting.

A cool sunburst of love.

I call her the diversion of my soul.

She leaves me kicking and screaming in warmth…

About the Brain that Fixed History

Image by mac231 from Pixabay

“It’s the connections between things that are important,” my uncle used to tell me.

I never met him in person, only virtually, I’ve never even had a body. In a world where bodies are no more, connections are the final frontier.

I re-build history.

It turns out human intuition is…

Josh Knapp

I believe in the abundant life •

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